Video: Rounding a Decimal Number to the Nearest Whole

Round 48.74 to the nearest whole number.


Video Transcript

Round 48.74 to the nearest whole number.

The nearest whole number means we’ll be rounding to the nearest units place. The units place is the first digit to the left of the decimal. In order to round to the nearest unit, we will consider the tenths place. We will consider the digit to the right of the units place.

If this value in the tenths place is greater than or equal to five, then we round up. If the digit in the tenths place is less than or equal to four, then we round down. Seven is greater than five, so we should round up.

We take the eight in the units place and round it up by one digit to a nine. Our four in the tens place doesn’t change. And everything after the decimal becomes a zero. We’re only interested in the whole number, so we don’t need the decimal zero zero at the end. 48.74 rounded to the nearest whole number is 49.

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