Question Video: Completing an Equation and Stating the Multiplication Property That Was Used in It

Complete the expression stating which property is being used: 53 × 1 = 1 × _ = 53.


Video Transcript

Complete the expression, stating which property is being used. 53 times one is equal to one times blank equals 53.

We know that 53 times one is equal to 53, and then one times something should equal 53. So we can set it up as an equation. One times something equals 53, so we would divide both sides by one.

On the left, the ones cancel. So we have 𝑥 equals 53 divided by one, which is equal to 53. Therefore, the number 53 would complete this expression.

While 53 completes our expression, it’s the multiplicative identity property that is being used. So imagine, what can you multiply to a number that would allow it to keep its identity? That number is one, so here our expression is stating 53 times one is the same thing as one times 53, and that’s equal to 53.

So by multiplying by one, no matter if you multiply 53 times one or one times 53, 53 has kept its identity. So 53 completes our expression and we are using the multiplicative identity property.

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