Video: Dividing Numbers up to 100

What is 16 ÷ 4?


Video Transcript

What is 16 divided by four?

Dividing is the same as repeated subtraction. This is the method we’re going to use. When we do repeated subtraction, we always start with the greatest number, which is 16. And we write 16 at the top of the page, leaving lots of space to do our repeated subtraction underneath.

Then we have to subtract four and keep on subtracting four until we reach zero. This is because we’re trying to find how many fours there are in 16. So subtract four from 16. This gives us 12. Then we subtract four from 12. And this gives us eight. Then we subtract four from eight, which gives us four. We keep on subtracting four, this time from four. And now we’ve reached zero.

Now what we need to do is count how many times we subtract four. This will tell us how many fours there are in 16. There’s one, two, three, four. So 16 divided by four is four. We found our answer using repeated subtraction.

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