Question Video: Finding the Number of Pence by Counting Mathematics

Look at the coins in the picture and find the value: There is _ pence in total.


Video Transcript

Look at the coins in the picture and find the value. There is what pence in total.

In the picture, we’re shown some coins, and can you see? They’re all the same type of coin. This makes it a lot easier to count how much they’re worth. And this is useful because this is exactly what we’ve got to do with this question. We need to find the value of these coins. What are they worth altogether? Or perhaps the very first thing we should do is what our question tells us to do. Look at the coins. What are these coins worth? Do you recognize them? They’re silver colored. They’re a circle shape. And if we look really closely, we might be able to make out two words that’re written across the center. Sometimes coins have their value written as a number, but on these coins, they’re written in words. Can you see what’s written on them? We can see the words five pence.

Each coin has a value of five pence, but that’s what one coin is worth, and we’ve got lots of coins here. So how can we find out what these coins are worth altogether? We’re going to need to count in fives, aren’t we, one lot of five for each of the coins we can see. Are you ready to skip count in fives? Five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. Because these are all five-pence coins, we could find how much they’re worth altogether by counting in fives. We ended on the number 30, and that’s how we know there is 30 pence in total. The missing number is 30.

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