Question Video: Comparing Two Numbers Using Counting Items into Sets Mathematics • Kindergarten

Who has fewer stamps? [A] Mason [B] Madison


Video Transcript

Who has fewer stamps, Mason Or Madison?

Looks like both these children have been collecting stamps, doesn’t it? Because we can see two groups. Mason has been collecting blue stamps, and Madison has a collection of purple stamps. And our question asks us, who has fewer stamps? In other words, which group is smaller, Mason’s group or Madison’s group?

Now, there are some things the same about these groups of stamps. Can you spot what they are? Firstly, we can see that all the stamps are the same size. This might help us compare the groups. And there’s also something interesting about the way these stamps have been arranged. We can see a longer line of stamps and then a shorter one in both groups. We can also see that the stamps in the groups have been lined up.

Let’s just count how many stamps there are in the first long line. One, two, three, four. Can you see how all these stamps are lined up with each other? Makes it a lot easier to compare them, doesn’t it? Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Did you guess that each group had a row of 10 on the top? So we can see a row of 10 but then some more. How many more blue stamps are there? There are one, two more than 10. And how many more purple stamps? One, two. This is now the same as the blue stamps, isn’t it? But look, we’ve got some more to count. Three, four, five, six more than 10. I think we know who has fewer stamps, don’t we?

Both groups of stamps show a row of 10 and then some more. Mason has two more than 10, but Madison has six more than 10. So we can see there are less blue stamps than purple stamps. The person who has fewer stamps is Mason.

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