Question Video: Adding Numbers up to 999 Mathematics • 2nd Grade

29 + 931 = _?


Video Transcript

29 plus 931 equals what?

To solve this problem, I’m going to take the larger of the two numbers and line it up with a decimal place to the right. I’ll add the 29 just below it, being careful to make sure that where the decimal point is is lined up.

Once we’ve lined up our 931 and 29 correctly, we can start to add by place value. We can add the one and the nine in the ones place: one plus nine equals 10, 10 ones. We need to carry our one over to the next column and leave a zero in the ones place. So we carry our one over to the top of the tens place, bring down our decimal point just to make sure we remember where it is.

Now in our tens place, we’re going to add one plus three plus two, which equal six. In the hundreds place, we have a nine and nothing underneath it; we could say nine plus zero equals nine. When you add 29 and 931, your solution is 960.

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