Question Video: Identifying the Temperature Illustrated in a Thermometer Mathematics

What temperature is shown?


Video Transcript

What temperature is shown?

We measure temperature using a thermometer. You can see there’s a liquid inside the thermometer. When the liquid gets hot, it rises. And when it cools, it falls. So as it gets hotter, the temperature rises. And as it gets cooler, the temperature falls. So the level of the liquid inside tells us the temperature.

We read the scale to find out the level of the liquid or the temperature a scale is just like a number line. We’re used to working with number lines, which are horizontal, or go across from left to right or from right to left. But scales or number lines can also be vertical, which means they go up and down.

So to find the actual temperature, we just look to see where on the number line the liquid is. We can see that the level of the liquid has reached 40 degrees. The temperature shown is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. We found our answer by reading the scale on the thermometer.

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