Video: Multiplying 1-Digit Numbers by Multiples of 10

What is 70 × 6?


Video Transcript

What is 70 times six?

Okay, we need to multiply 70 times six. In the yellow, there are 70 blocks. And if we wanna multiply these 70 blocks by six, we need to draw or find six of these 70 blocks. So we’ve added another set of 70. We still need four more. There’s one. Now we have four. We need our fifth and sixth set, but our screen is filling up. Okay, now who wants to volunteer to count all of these tiny squares?

If we counted all these squares, we would figure out what 70 times six is, but there has to be an easier way, right? Alright, back to where we started, with this set of 70. One thing that we can say about this set of 70 is that it is 10 times seven. This block of 70 is equal to 10 rows and seven columns, so a total of 70 blocks would be equal to 10 times seven. That helps us here.

Let’s turn our 70 into 10 times seven. From there, we multiply seven times six: seven times six is 42. And when we multiply by 10, we can multiply 10 times 42 by adding a zero on the end. 10 times 42 equals 420. 70 times six equals 420.

We found this answer by breaking our 70, our large number, into two pieces that are easier to handle, 70 equals 10 times seven, and now made our multiplication much simpler, for the final answer of 420.

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