Question Video: Identifying Vertical and Horizontal Lines Mathematics

How many horizontal lines are in this polygon?


Video Transcript

How many horizontal lines are in this polygon?

There are some interesting words in this question. Do you remember what the word polygon means? A polygon is just a 2D shape that’s made out of straight sides. So, our question could’ve just used the word shape. And we know the name of this 2D shape, don’t we? It’s a rectangle. So, what we’re being asked is, how many horizontal lines are there in this rectangle?

And you can probably see how many lines there are that make up a rectangle. A rectangle has four straight sides, doesn’t it? But our question doesn’t just ask us how many lines there are. It asks us how many horizontal lines there are. Do you remember what the word horizontal means?

To help us remember, we could think of a word that’s part of the word horizontal. And that’s the word horizon. Do you know what the horizon is? It’s the line we see in the distance where the sky meets either the sea or the land. And although you’d see it wasn’t perfectly straight, if you got up close, it certainly looks straight from a distance. It looks perfectly level from left to right without sloping up or down at all. And remembering the word horizon can help us remember what the word horizontal means. Just like the horizon, it’s a line that’s perfectly straight from left to right and doesn’t slant or slope in either direction.

So, which lines of this polygon are horizontal? Well, this top line or side is horizontal, isn’t it? And there’s also a horizontal line opposite it on the bottom. But if we look at the two lines that make up the sides of our rectangle, we can see that they are straight. And they’re not sloped or slanted in any way. But instead of running from left to right, they run from top to bottom. These aren’t horizontal lines. They’re vertical lines. And so, we can say the number of horizontal lines that there are in this polygon is two.

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