Video: Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Raised to the Power of Zero

Determine the value of (12𝑎)⁰, given that 𝑎 ≠ 0.


Video Transcript

Determine the value of 12𝑎 to the zero power, given that 𝑎 does not equal zero.

To solve this problem, we’ll need to remember our zero exponent rule which says 𝑎 to the zero power equals one. That is to say that anything raised to the zero power is one.

Let’s look closely at 12𝑎 to the zero power. If we wanted to, we could distribute the zero power to both the 12 and the 𝑎.

Because of the zero exponent rule, we know that 12 to the zero power equals one, and 𝑎 to the zero power also equals one.

12𝑎 to the zero power equals one.

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