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Question Video: Rounding the Result of Adding Two Decimals to the Nearest Tenth Mathematics • 5th Grade

Calculate 82.049 + 5.3, rounding your answer to the nearest tenth.


Video Transcript

Calculate 82.049 plus 5.3, rounding your answer to the nearest tenth.

Our first value 82.049 is being added to 5.3. The key to adding these values is to make sure each place value is lined up correctly. And we can do that by lining up the decimal point. Once everything is lined up, we’re ready to add.

In the 5.3, I add two zeros after the three as placeholders. And then, I can add nine plus zero equals nine. Four plus zero equals four. Zero plus three equals three. Bring down the decimal. In the ones place, two plus five equals seven. Eight plus zero equals eight. Our sum comes to 87.349. We need to take this value and round it to the nearest tenth.

To do that, first, we identify the tenth place. The tenth place is the first digit to the right of the decimal. Any time we’re rounding, we look to the right of the place value we want to round to. We need to examine the digit in the hundredths place. Four is less than five. Therefore, we’re going to round down.

When we round down, the digit in the place we’re rounding to stays the same. Our three in the tenths place does not change. Everything to the left of the tenths place also stays the same. And everything to the right of the tenths place becomes a zero. We can simplify this number by removing the zeros after the tenths place.

87.349 rounded to the nearest tenth is 87.3.

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