Video: Using the Distributive Property of Multiplication to Expand Expressions Containing Brackets

Using the diagram, rewrite 𝑑 βˆ’ 2(𝑒 + 𝑓) without brackets.


Video Transcript

Using the diagram, rewrite 𝑑 minus two 𝑒 plus 𝑓 without the brackets.

In the first diagram, they took the whole length 𝑑 and then subtracted 𝑒 plus 𝑓 twice, so minus two times 𝑒 plus 𝑓. That means we’ll do the same thing. We’ll start with 𝑑 and subtract 𝑒 and then subtract 𝑒 again and subtract 𝑓 and then subtract 𝑓 again. Now our goal is to write this without brackets. We’ve done that, 𝑑 minus 𝑒 minus 𝑒 minus 𝑓 minus 𝑓.

However, we can simplify a little bit without using brackets. 𝑒 minus 𝑒 could be rewritten as minus two 𝑒. The same thing for 𝑓 minus 𝑓. We can rewrite that as minus two 𝑓. Bring down the 𝑑. And we have 𝑑 minus two 𝑒 minus two 𝑓. We started with 𝑑 minus two times 𝑒 plus 𝑓. And in this form, we distribute the negative two to the 𝑒 and the 𝑓, 𝑑 minus two 𝑒 minus two 𝑓.

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