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Video: Explaining All Exams with One Exam per Line Report

In this video, we will show you how to use the assessment report All Exams with One Exam per Line.


Video Transcript

In this video, we will show you how to use the assessment report All Exams with One Exam per Line.

Firstly, this is a report for educators and admins, so to access the report you must be signed in to or

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see the “Analytics” page of the portal. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see three different report types: assessments, worksheets, and sessions. We are going to look at the report All Exams with One Exam per Line.

This is a very useful report for a quick or more detailed overview of your students’ progress in practice exams.

Once you click on the report, you’ll see some summary information about the report, including the number of grades, the number of classes, and the number of students. You’ll also get a summary of how the questions have been answered by all of your students.

If you want a quick visual impression of your classes’ performance, you can click “Charts”. You can download an XLS file or a CSV file. You can also tweak the columns that present on the report by clicking “Display Columns” and then selecting or deselecting the columns.

Now, let’s look at the actual report. In the first column, you will see the exam titles and in subsequent columns you will see the associated information for each exam. For example, the start and due dates, the duration of the exam, the number of students, and information about how they have collectively answered the questions.

If you scroll across to the right-hand side of the report, you’ll see the average score for the whole class. For example, in our exam, we can see that the students have achieved an overall percentage of 44.27%. To find out more information about this, we’ll click “View” under “Students”.

Now, we can see that for the 12 students who were given the practice exam, only five completed the test. For example, Ramy achieved 100%, while Mike achieved 68.75%.

If we want more information about Mike’s exam, we can click “View Report”.

Now, we can see the specific questions from the exam, along with the answers that Mike submitted. We can see that he answered the first eight questions correctly but then made a mistake on the ninth question.

This allows us to see Mike’s strengths and weaknesses and any specific areas for development.

In summary, this is a fantastic report if you want a snapshot of how an individual student has performed in their practice exams, or if you want a more detailed view of how they have performed in each exam.

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