Video: Reading the Number of Hours on an Analogue Clock

Find the missing number. The time is _:40.


Video Transcript

Find the missing number. The time is blank 40.

To solve this question, we’ll need to remember that the short hand is the hour hand and the long hand is the minute hand. When we’re talking about time, we use the format of hour colon minutes. In this case, we’ve already been told that it’s 40 minutes after our hour. So we need to examine our hour hand. The hour hand is falling between 11 and 12. It’s a little bit closer to 12 than it is 11. But it’s not 12 yet. So we say that it is 11:40. It’s almost 12. But it’s not 12. It’s 40 minutes after 11. And the missing number from our box is 11.

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