Video: Finding the Missing Number When Decomposing a Decimal to Its Expanded Form

Complete _ = 3 + 0.2.


Video Transcript

Complete: blank equals three plus 0.2.

So if we went to add three and 0.2 together, one of them has a decimal. So let’s go ahead and make three be changed to 3.0, so we’ve 3.0 plus 0.2. So they are the same number of decimal places. And let’s go ahead and stack them to solve. And we do so like this. We stack them vertically. So we have the decimals together: zero and two. And zero plus two is two. We bring down the decimal point. And now we add the three and the zero that are stacked on top of each other. And three plus zero is three. So in order to complete our equation, we would need to fill the blank with 3.2.

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