Video: Adding and Comparing Numbers

Use <, >, or = to fill in the gap: 13411 + 51313 _ 51303 + 13411.


Video Transcript

Use less than, greater than or equal to to fill in the gap. Is 13411 plus 51313 less than, greater than, or equal to 51303 plus 13411?

Let’s look more closely at each calculation. Both calculations contain the number 13411. If we change the order of the numbers in the second calculation, it helps us to see the similarities. As we’ve already spotted, both calculations contain the number 13411.

In the first calculation, the second number is 51313. And the second number in the other calculation is 51303. Both of these numbers begin with a five digit. The five is worth five 10000s or 50,000. Both numbers have one thousand. Both numbers have three hundreds. The first number has one ten and the second has no tens. So far, this is the only digit which is different.

So, the first number has 10 more than the second, and both numbers have three ones. We don’t need to add these two pairs of numbers. We know that 13411 plus 51313 is 10 more than 13411 plus 51303. So, we’ve already worked out that 13411 plus 51313 is greater than 13411 plus 51303. The missing symbol is greater than.

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