Video: Subtraction of Two Algebraic Expressions

Simplify (2๐‘  + 1) โˆ’ (3๐‘  + 2).


Video Transcript

Simplify two ๐‘  plus one minus three ๐‘  plus two.

In order to simplify this expression, we need to group or collect the like terms. We need to subtract three ๐‘  from two ๐‘ . And we need to subtract positive two from positive one. Two ๐‘  minus three ๐‘  is equal to negative ๐‘  or negative one ๐‘  as two minus three equals negative one. Positive one minus positive two is equal to negative one.

The negative and positive signs that are touching become a negative or subtraction sign. Weโ€™re therefore left with positive one minus two. This is equal to negative one. This means that two ๐‘  plus one minus three ๐‘  plus two, simplified, is negative ๐‘  minus one.

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