Video: Determining the Coordinates of a Point after Reflection

What is the image of the point (−8, 10) reflected over the 𝑦-axis?


Video Transcript

What is the image of the point negative eight, 10 reflected over the 𝑦-axis?

Let’s sketch what we know. On this coordinate plane, our point is negative eight ,10: negative eight on the 𝑥-axis, 10 on the 𝑦-axis. And here is our point.

To reflect this point over the 𝑦-axis, imagine you were going to fold the grid in half at the 𝑦-axis. The new image would be the same distance from the 𝑦-axis, but now on the right.

It would be eight units to the right of the 𝑦-axis. And the height of the point wouldn’t change. The image of our point is at eight, 10.

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