Video: Making Tens When Adding on a Number Line

Use the number line to add. 8 + 4 = _. Hint: Add to make 10 first.


Video Transcript

Use the number line to add. Eight plus four equals what? Hint: add to make 10 first.

We have to add together eight and four. The question says that we should use the number line to help us add. And, the hint tells us to make 10 first. And if we look at the number line, we can see it starts at eight, and then it skips to 10, and then another number. We have to find the missing number.

What do we add to eight to get 10? We could use 10 frames to help. What could we add to our eight counters to make 10? We could take two counters from our four counters and add them to our eight to make 10. Eight and two makes 10. Now, we have 10 counters in our first 10 frame and two left over. Eight plus two is 10 and two more makes 12. Eight plus four equals 12.

To help us add eight and four, we split four into two twos. First, we added eight and two which gave us 10. Then, we added two to 10 to give us 12. If we start at eight on the number line and count forward two, we get 10. And, if we count forward another two we get 12. Eight plus four equals 12.

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