Video: Understanding Place Value When Decomposing a Decimal to Its Expanded Form

6005.012 = _ thousandths + _ hundredths + _ units + _ thousands.


Video Transcript

6005.012 is equal to blank thousandths plus blank hundredths plus blank units plus blank thousands.

In our place value chart, if we put the decimal here, to the left of the decimal is the units place. To the left of the units is the tens place. To the left of the tens place is the hundreds place. To the left of the hundreds is the thousands. If we move in the other direction, to the right of the decimal place is tenths. To the right of the tenths place is the hundredths place. And to the right of that is the thousands place.

Let’s take our number and put it in the boxes: six thousand, zero hundred, zero ten, five ones. After the decimal point comes a zero then a one and a two. We can use this chart to help us fill in the blanks.

The first blank says how many thousands are there in this number. The thousands place is three places to the right of the decimal. There are two thousands in this number. The next blank is the hundredths place. The hundredths place is two places to the right of the decimal. This number has one hundredths. The units place is to the left of the decimal. There are five units. And the last blank asks us for the number of thousands. There are six thousand in this number.

6005.012 is equal to two thousandths, one hundredths, five units, and six thousands.

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