Video: Multiplying Two-Digit Numbers by One-Digit Numbers by Regrouping

Find 38 × 4.


Video Transcript

Find 38 times four.

Our problem has already been set up for us. Here we took 38 and four, lining their units place or their ones place up, putting the four underneath the eight. We’ll need to start this process by multiplying four times eight. Eight times four equals 32. The two goes in the units place. And we carry the three and put it in the yellow box.

From here, we move to our tens place and do multiplication again, this time multiplying four times three. We know that four times three equals 12. But because of that carried three in the yellow box, we’ll need to add three to the 12 we have.

Now we need to say four times three equals 12 plus three, which equals 15. We put the five from the 15 in the tens place. And we carry the one into the blue box. There’s no value in the hundreds place. So the last thing we need to do is take the one in the blue box that we carried over and bring it down. Using the standard algorithm, we found that 38 times four equals 152.

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