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Video: Identifying Points with Given Coordinates on the Cartesian Plane

Tim Burnham

The figure shows the map of a zoo. Which animals are located at (2, 5)? [A] Monkeys [B] Giraffes [C] Tigers [D] Lions [E] Zebras.


Video Transcript

The figure shows a map of a zoo. What animals are located at two, five?

Well two, five is sometimes called the coordinates of the point or the ordered pair. And they represent the 𝑥-coordinate and the 𝑦-coordinate of a point on our Cartesian plane or on our graph. Well 𝑥 comes first in the alphabet, so our first number two represents the 𝑥-coordinate. And 𝑦 comes afterwards in the alphabet, so the second number represents the 𝑦-coordinate. Now in order to work out the point represented by this particular order-pair, we’re gonna start off at zero zero and then we’re gonna move this much in the 𝑥-direction and this much in the 𝑦-direction.

As you can see here on our graph, 𝑥 represents the amount of travel in the left or right direction and 𝑦 represents the amount of travel in the up or down direction. Now these are both positive numbers, so we’re gonna be moving in the positive direction for 𝑥 and in the positive direction for 𝑦. So let’s start off at zero zero and move positive two in the 𝑥-direction, so that’s this direction here. And then positive five in the 𝑦-direction, so again add one, two, three, four, five places in the 𝑦-direction. That takes us to this point here which is tigers. So our answer is at two, five we’ve got tigers in our zoo.