Video: Using a Blank Number Line to Add within 100, Including a Two-Digit Number and a One-Digit Number

Use a number line to find the sum of 63 + 7.


Video Transcript

Use a number line to find the sum of 63 plus seven.

In this problem, we’re told to find the sum of two numbers. Finding the sum means to add them together, which we can see cause there’s a plus sign in between 63 and seven. But instead of just finding the answer ourselves, this problem actually tells us the way to find the answer. We’re told to use a number line. And we’re given a blank number line to use.

But how can we use a number line if it’s blank. Where is the number 63 on a blank number line? Well, we need to write it in ourselves. And we need to think carefully where we write it. If we write the number 63 too far to the right, we might find that we run out of space as we add seven. So it’s probably a good idea to write the number 63 on the left, so we have plenty of space to count forwards.

Now that we know where 63 is, let’s label the rest of the number line. So to use our number line to show an addition, we need to start on the number 63 and count on seven. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. And so, the sum of 63 and seven equals 70.

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