Video: KS1-M18 • Paper 1 • Question 21

17 + 48 = _.


Video Transcript

17 plus 48 equals what.

In this problem, we need to add two two-digit numbers together, 17 and 48. How much are they worth all together. 17 is made up of one ten and seven ones. 48 can be split into four tens or 40 and eight ones. First, let’s add the ones together. Seven plus seven equals 14. So we know that seven plus eight is one more than this, which is 15.

We can represent the number 15 by one ten and five ones. Seven plus eight equals 15. Now, let’s add the tens. What’s one ten plus four tens or 10 plus 40? One ten plus four tens equals five tens. 10 plus 40 equals 50. The total of our ones was 15. And the total of our tens was 50. How much do we have all together? We have six tens and five ones. The total is 65.

17 plus 48 equals 65.

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