Video: GCSE Mathematics Foundation Tier Pack 2 • Paper 3 • Question 2

GCSE Mathematics Foundation Tier Pack 2 • Paper 3 • Question 2


Video Transcript

Write 33614 to the nearest 10000.

In order to actually round this to the nearest 10000, we need to have a look at what the digits mean in 33614. So what I’ve done is actually put them in their place value columns. So we’ve got four ones or four units, one ten, six hundreds, three thousands, and three ten thousands.

So we’re gonna actually see that actually when we’re looking to round it to the nearest 10000, it’s the first three that we’re gonna be looking at. So while we’re trying to round to the nearest 10000, we can look at the three, because we know the first three is actually our 10000.

And then we also look at the number or the digit in the place value to the right of it. If this number is less than five, then the place value above it, so in this case the 30000, remains the same, so it doesn’t change. However, if it’s five or greater, then it would actually change, so in this case it would round up to a four. But we can clearly see that three is less than five. So therefore, the three from 30000 is gonna remain the same. So therefore, we can say that 33614 rounded to the nearest 10000 is 30000.

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