Video: Simplifying Ratios between Three Quantities Involving Mass Unit Conversion

Determine the ratio of the quantities 9 kg : 1 1/2 kg : 9250 g in its simplest form.


Video Transcript

Determine the ratio of the quantities nine kilograms, one and a half kilograms, 9250 grams in its simplest form.

In order to simplify this ratio, we firstly have to convert all our values into the same units. We recall that one kilogram is equal to 1000 grams. This means that nine kilograms is equal to 9000 grams. One and a half or 1.5 kilograms is equal to 1500 grams. The ratio can, therefore, be rewritten 9000, 1500, 9250.

In order to simplify the ratio, we need to divide by common factors. All three of these values are divisible by 50. 9000 divided by 50 is equal to 180. 1500 divided by 50 is equal to 30. Finally, 9250 divided by 50 is 185.

All three of these new values are also divisible by five. 180 divided by five is 36. 30 divided by five is six. And 185 divided by five is 37. As these three numbers have no common factor apart from one, the ratio is in its simplest form.

The correct answer is 36, six, 37. As 50 multiplied by five is 250, we could’ve divided our three initial values by 250 to get the answer 36, six, 37. It is important when dealing with any problem similar to this that we make sure that all of our units are the same first.

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