Video: Comparing Numbers up to 100 by Modelling Them with Place Value Blocks

Fill in the blank using “greater than”, “less than”, or “equal to”: Matthew’s set is _ Noah’s set.


Video Transcript

Fill in the blank using greater than, less than, or equal to. Matthew’s set is what Noah’s set.

We’re shown two different models, Noah’s model and Matthew’s model. Both models show an amount of tens and ones. So we know that these are both two-digit numbers. How many tens are there in Noah’s model? One, two, three, four. Noah’s model has four tens. Now, let’s count how many ones his number has. One, two. Noah’s number has four tens and two ones. Four tens and two ones is 42. Noah’s number is 42.

Now, let’s look at Matthew’s number. How many tens does it have? There are three. One, two, three. Let’s count the number of ones. There’s one, two, three, four, five, six. Matthew’s number has three tens and six ones.

Now that we know what both two-digit numbers are, we can compare them. We need to compare the tens digit because this digit has the greatest value. Noah’s number has four tens. Matthew’s has three. And we know that four is more than three. So four tens, or 40, is worth more than three tens, or 30.

Now, we can fill in the blank. We have to compare Matthew’s set to Noah’s set. We know that three tens are less than four tens. The number 36 is less than the number 42. Matthew’s number is less than Noah’s number.

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