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Question Video: Adding Two Whole Numbers Mathematics

17332 + 47913 = _.


Video Transcript

17332 plus 47913 equals what?

The first thing we’re going to do is line up these two numbers vertically — that means stacked on top of each other so that their place value lines up. You can see that the digits in the units place are stacked on top of each other. The same thing is true for the tens place, the hundreds place, the thousands place, and the ten thousands place.

Once we know that everything is lined up correctly, we’re ready to add. We’ll start with our ones place — our units place. So we’ll need to add two plus three and we’ll write down five. Two plus three is five. After that, we move on to our tens place, where we add three plus one equals four.

Our hundreds place is three plus nine. Since three plus nine is 12, we write down our two and we carry our one to the next place. In the thousands place, we start by adding seven plus seven. But we can’t forget the one that we carried over. We need to add seven plus seven plus one. Seven plus seven equals 14 plus one is 15. We bring our five down from the 15 and we carry our one.

In the ten thousands place, we’ll add one plus four plus the one that we carried over. One plus four is five plus one is six. We have a six in the ten thousands place here.

When we add 17332 and 47913, we get 65245.

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