Video: Making Groups of a Given Size When Dividing

There are 32 blocks. After making groups of 8, there will be _ groups.


Video Transcript

There are 32 blocks. After making groups of eight, there will be something groups.

And in this problem, the missing something is the number that we need to find. We’ve been given a diagram to help us with this question. There are 32 blocks. And we can see them drawn out. The question wants us to think about how many groups they’ll be if we split up the 32 blocks into groups containing eight in each group. Imagine a class of 32 children. And the teacher wants you to split into groups of eight. How many groups will there be.

Any question, where we take a number and we split it into equal groups, is a division question. And so we can write this as the number sentence, 32 divided by eight equals something. Let’s look carefully at our 32 blocks. How can we make groups of eight? We can see that the first row contains eight blocks already. In fact, if we look at each of the other rows, they are all equal. They all contain eight blocks too, four rows of eight or four groups of eight. So it looks like we found our answer. 32 divided by eight equals four. And so if there are 32 blocks, after making groups of eight there will be four groups.

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