Video: Writing a Number Pattern Following a One-Step Rule

Write the first three terms of the pattern described. The starting number is 5. The rule is multiply by 2.


Video Transcript

Write the first three terms of the pattern described. The starting number is five. The rule is multiply by two.

This part of the question tells us how to make a number pattern. Firstly, we’re told what number to start with. And then secondly, we’re told the rule for the pattern. The thing that we need to keep doing to keep the pattern going. If we look at the rule to begin with, we’re told that we need to multiply by two. This is a one-step pattern. We just need to do one thing each time, and that is to double the number or to multiply it by two. But which numbers are going to be in our pattern? Well, we’re given a number to start with, and we’re told that the starting number is five.

So if we start with five, how do we find the second term in our pattern? We carry out the rule, which is to multiply by two. What is five multiplied by two or five doubled? Five multiplied by two equals 10. The first two terms of the pattern are five and then 10. We need to continue the pattern to find the third term. We need to follow the rule once again. We need to multiply 10, this time, by two. What is 10 times two or what is 10 doubled? 10 doubled equals 20. And we could keep going with the pattern, multiplying by two each time. If we start with the number five and we follow the rule, that’s to multiply by two each time, the first three terms of our one-step pattern are five, 10, and then 20.

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