Video: Simple Adding: Column Addition with Three-Digit Numbers

Add 354 to 633. Tip: Use place value blocks if you need to.


Video Transcript

Add 354 to 633. Tip: use place value blocks if you need to.

This question encourages us to use a written method to find the answer. We know this because the numbers 633 and 354 have been written vertically. The calculation has been set up as if we were to use column addition. We can see the digits of our three-digit numbers are in three columns, the ones, the tens, and the hundreds. And because the numbers have been written like this, we can see straightaway the digits that we need to add. The problem also gives us a tip to use place value blocks if we need to. Now, we can find the answer without using place value blocks. But in this video, we will be using them, just as another way of modeling the question. Sometimes it helps to see what we’re doing using equipment as well as using written methods. It’s just another way of working out the answer.

So before we start adding, let’s model both of our three-digit numbers using place value blocks. 633 is made up of six hundreds, three tens, and three ones. And the number that we’re adding to this, 354, is made up of three hundreds, five tens, and four ones. We’ll start by adding the ones column, three ones plus four ones. And we’ll model this using our place value blocks by shifting our four ones up so that they’re next to our three ones. We now have seven ones. Three plus four equals seven. Next, we need to add the digits in our tens column. We have three tens plus five tens. Once again, with our place value blocks, we’ll move our five tens up to join our three tens to see what the total is. We now have eight tens. Three plus five equals eight.

Finally, let’s add our hundreds digits. We have a six and a three in the hundreds column. What are six hundreds plus three hundreds? We’ll shift our three hundreds up to join our six hundreds to see how many blocks we have. We have a total of nine hundreds. Six plus three equals nine. If we look at our place value blocks, we have nine hundreds, which have a value of 900, eight tens, which have a value of 80, and seven ones, which just equals seven. In this problem, we’ve added 354 to 633 using the written method of column addition. But we’ve also used place value blocks, which helped us to model the addition as we went through each column. The total of 633 and 354 is 987.

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