Question Video: Adding Two-Digit Numbers to Three-Digit Numbers Mathematics

Add the two numbers 328 and 20.


Video Transcript

Add the two numbers 328 and 20.

In this question, we’re given two numbers to add together. We’ve got the three-digit number 328 and the two-digit number 20. Now, the number that we’re adding, 20 here, is a multiple of 10. We know this because it ends in a zero, and a multiple of 10 is a number that we can get by multiplying 10 several times. We know that two 10s are 20. Now, we know the number 328 contains three 100s, two 10s, and eight ones.

And so, one way to find the answer might be to count on from this number in tens twice. Let’s count aloud and see where we end up. So, we start with 328 and then 338, 348. Look out, the tens digit in our number has gone from two 10s to four 10s. This is because our number had two 10s to begin with, and we needed to add 20 which is the same as two more 10s, which makes four 10s altogether. We counted on to find the answer. If we add together 328 and 20, we get the total 348.

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