Video: Subtracting a Mixed Number from an Integer

Write 15 − 7 5/6 in its simplest form.


Video Transcript

Write 15 minus seven and five-sixths in its simplest form.

We have 15 minus seven and five-sixths: 15 is a whole number; seven and five-sixths is a mixed number. What we’re gonna do is we’re going to turn this 15 into a mixed number.

If I write the whole number 14 plus six out of six, six-sixths, it’s still equal to 15. 14 and six-sixths is a mixed number that’s equal to 15. We can subtract seven and five-sixths from the mixed number 14 and six-sixths.

If we have six-sixths and we wanna take away five-sixths, what are we left with? One-sixth. Six-sixths minus five-sixths is one out of six. From there, we can subtract seven from 14: 14 minus seven is seven. So 15 minus seven and five-sixths would be equal to seven and one-sixth.

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