Question Video: Finding the Value of a Term in a Sequence given the General Term of That Sequence Mathematics

Find the seventh term of the sequence 𝑎_𝑛 = 𝑛³ − 14.


Video Transcript

Find the seventh term of the sequence 𝑎 sub 𝑛 is equal to 𝑛 cubed minus 14.

We calculate the first term of the sequence, 𝑎 sub one, by substituting 𝑛 equals one. This means that the seventh term of the sequence will be 𝑎 sub seven. Substituting 𝑛 equal seven gives us seven cubed minus 14. Seven cubed or seven to the third power is equal to seven multiplied by seven multiplied by seven. This is equal to 49 multiplied by seven. As 50 multiplied by seven is 350, 49 multiplied by seven is 343. The seventh term of the sequence is equal to 343 minus 14. This is equal to 329.

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