Video: Finding the Difference between Sets Using Venn Diagrams

Write the set of elements in 𝑋 and NOT in π‘Œ.


Video Transcript

Write the set of elements in 𝑋 and not in π‘Œ.

First, why don’t we write all the numbers found in set 𝑋. Two, three, and six are found in 𝑋. One, seven, and nine are also part of 𝑋 because it’s found inside the red circle. So we say that one, seven, nine is also part of set 𝑋. Set π‘Œ is a subset of 𝑋. It’s found inside set 𝑋. And it contains only one, seven, and nine.

We want to know the set of elements that are in 𝑋 but not in π‘Œ. And that would be the numbers two, three, and six. The set of elements located in 𝑋 but not in π‘Œ is the set two, three, six.

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