Video: Understanding Place Values in a Multidigit Number

Write down the number given in the figure in digits.


Video Transcript

Write down the number given in the figure in digits.

Let’s start with our units. How many beads are in the units position? Here are five beads, which means we have five units or five ones. We can do the same thing for the tens place. There are three tenths [tens]; three tenths [tens] plus five units is 35.

From there, we move to the hundreds place. There are two beads in our hundreds position. So far, we have 235. From here, we have our thousands, our thousands unit, 6000. Next we’ll have 10 thousands. There are six 10 thousands. In the hundred thousands, there’s one bead, 166235 so far.

In the millions unit, there is one bead, one million. For our 10 millions in the figure, there’s no beads, zero 10 millions. We can use a zero here as a placeholder. On our last column, the hundred millions, there are three beads, which represents 300 million. We can read this number 301166235. Our final answer would be three zero one one six six two three five.

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