Video: KS1-M16S • Paper 2 • Question 8

Complete the table.


Video Transcript

Complete the table.

The table has two columns. The first column shows us numbers in words. And the second column contains numbers which have been written using digits. We have to find this missing word and this missing number in digits. What number should we write in words? The number shown in digits is the number 40. So we just need to write the number in words, 40: f-o-r-t-y, forty.

And our second missing number which we have to write in digits is the number 94. Let’s write that using digits, 94: nine tens, four ones.

The missing word from the first column in the table is forty, and the missing number from the digits column is the number 94. We completed the table by adding the word “forty” and the number 94.

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