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Question Video: Naming the Sides beside a given Angle Mathematics • 4th Grade

Name the sides of ∠1.


Video Transcript

Name the sides of angle one.

Let’s start by identifying where angle one is on the given figure. This is angle one. We have to name its sides. Let’s start on the vertex 𝑋. And here we can draw the first line, which ends at point π‘Œ. So we can call the first side line π‘‹π‘Œ. Now let’s draw the second line. We’re starting at point 𝑋, the vertex again. And it’s this line here which ends at point π‘ˆ. And we call this line π‘‹π‘ˆ. The sides of angle one are line π‘‹π‘Œ and line π‘‹π‘ˆ.

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