Question Video: Rounding the Result of Adding Two Decimals to the Nearest Thousandth Mathematics • 5th Grade

1.3565 + 2.252 ≈ _ to the nearest thousandth.


Video Transcript

1.3565 plus 2.252 is equal to blank rounded to the nearest thousandth.

Before we round anything, we need to add these two values. We start by lining up their decimal points and making sure all the place values are in line. Beginning all the way on the right in the ten thousandths place, we add five plus zero equals five, six plus two equals eight, five plus five equals 10. Write down the zero, carry the one in the tenths place. One plus three plus two equals six. Bring down the decimal and then our units one plus two equals three.

When we add these two numbers together, we get 3.6085. There’s an eight in the thousandths place. And we look to the right to the ten thousandths place to find out if we should round up or down. Since there’s a five in the ten thousandths place, we need to round up. This eight becomes a nine. And the values to the left of the nine do not change. We just bring those down.

To the nearest thousandth, this addition problem gives us 3.609.

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