Question Video: Finding the Suitable Height of an Object Mathematics • 4th Grade

What is the approximate height of the Cairo Tower? [A] 2 cm [B] 2 m [C] 200 m [D] 200 cm


Video Transcript

What is the approximate height of the Cairo Tower? Two centimeters, two meters, 200 meters, or 200 centimeters.

Now whether or not we’ve heard of the Cairo Tower and whether we can visualize it doesn’t matter in this question. We can still say what the approximate height of this tower is by using two pieces of information. The first is quite simple. We may not know how tall the Cairo Tower is, but we do know that it’s a tower and towers are tall.

And when we look at the full possible answers that we have to choose from, we can soon see which ones we can cross off our list. There are two distances that are given to us in centimeters. We know that one centimeter is roughly about the width of a finger. So a centimeter is quite small. But just because these two measurements have been given to us in centimeters doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the wrong answer. We can measure long distances and tall heights in centimeters. There’ll just be a lot of them. But once we look at the numbers that are given, we can see that these are the wrong answers.

Two centimeters is about the width of two fingers next to each other. So we know that two centimeters isn’t correct. And we can use our knowledge of centimeters and meters to help us with the last measurement. We know 100 centimeters is the same as one meter. And so 200 centimeters must be the same as two meters. We might be able to visualize a meter ruler. Well, now think about having two of those rulers on top of each other. Is that the height of a tower? We can cross off 200 centimeters.

And if we look at our other options, we could also cross off two meters. As we’ve just said, two meters is the same as 200 centimeters. The Cairo Tower is not two meters tall. And so we’re left with one possible answer, 200 meters. When things go up in the air, it can be difficult to think about how tall they actually are. So if someone had asked us how tall is that tower, we might not have said 200 meters. But in this question, we only had four possible answers. And we’ve shown why three of them are not correct. The approximate height of the Cairo Tower is 200 meters.

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