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Question Video: Dividing One Decimal Point Number by 10 Mathematics • 5th Grade

Find the result of 234.5 ÷ 10.


Video Transcript

Find the result of 234.5 divided by 10.

We have a process that helps us divide by powers of 10. We think about the division in terms of the place value of the numbers in the dividend. The dividend in this number of course is the number that we’re going to be dividing. It’s 234.5. And we know that to divide by 10, we move all of the digits in our dividend one space to the right. So our place value chart looks a little something like this. Our number has two hundreds, three tens, four ones, and five tenths.

We’re going to move every single one of these digits one space right. We’ll begin with the five. The five moves from the tenths column to the hundredths column. Then we take the four and we move it from the ones column to the tenths column. The three moves from the tens to the ones. And finally, the two moves from the hundreds to the tens. And now when we divide 234.5 by 10, we end up with two tens, three ones, four tenths, and five hundredths. And so we say that 234.5 divided by 10 is 23.45.

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