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Question Video: Adding Three Two-Digit Numbers Mathematics • Third Year of Primary School

Fill in the blank: 76 + 82 + 68 = _.


Video Transcript

Fill in the blank: 76 plus 82 plus 68 equals what.

In this question, we have to add together three two-digit numbers: 76, 82, and 68. What do you notice about these numbers? One thing you may have noticed is that two and eight are really easy numbers to add together. This is a pair of numbers which add together to make 10. So, we could start by adding together 82 and 68. It doesn’t matter which order we add our three numbers in. We don’t have to start with the number 76. We could start by adding 82 and 68. We’ve already added the ones. Two plus eight is 10. And if we add the tens, the eight being worth 80 and the six being worth 60, we get a total of 140. So, 82 plus 68 equals 150.

Now, all we need to do is add 76 to 150. 150 plus 70 is 220. And now, we can add our ones digit, which is a six. 220 plus six is 226. When we’re adding three or more numbers, we can add the numbers in any order. First, we added 82 and 68 because we knew that two plus eight is 10. So, we knew this was an easy pair of numbers to add first. The sum of these two numbers is 150. And then all we had to do is add our third number. 150 plus 76 equals 226.

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