Video: KS1-M18 • Paper 2 • Question 25

Amy buys 1 pear for 35p. She pays with a 50p coin. How much change does Amy get?


Video Transcript

Amy buys one pear for 35 pence. She pays with a 50 pence coin. How much change does Amy get?

We know that Amy’s pear cost her 35 pence and we know she paid with a 50 pence coin. We can use the number line to help us find out the difference between 35 pence and 50 pence. This will tell us how much change Amy would get.

35 add five is 40 pence. Then, we could add 10 more pence to take us to 50 pence. 10 and five more pence makes a total of 15 pence. Amy will get 15 pence change.

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