Video: KS2-M16 • Paper 3 • Question 3

A clock shows this time twice a day. Tick the two digital clocks that show this time. [A] 03:45 [B] 02:45 [C] 09:45 [D] 21:45 [E] 14:45.


Video Transcript

A clock shows this time twice a day. Tick the two digital clocks that show this time. And then we’re shown five possible digital clocks: 03:45, 02:45, 09:45, 21:45, and 14:45.

The first statement in this problem tells us that the clock shows this time twice a day. How is it possible for a clock to look the same twice during the same day? Well, once in the morning between midnight and midday as an am time and once in the afternoon or in the evening between midday and midnight as a pm time. But none of our possible answers show the letters am or pm. How do we know what time of day it is?

Let’s start by working out what time is shown on the clock. After we’ve done this, we can then think about how to show am or pm times in different ways. The minute hand is pointing to the number nine. And we know that this is 45 minutes past the hour. Perhaps you spotted this when we went through the possible answers. Each of the digital clock shows 45 as the number of minutes. We can also find this out by counting in fives around the clock face. Five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45. But 45 minutes past what? Let’s look at the hour hand.

We can see that the hour hand is in between the two and the three. It’s gone past two o’clock but it hasn’t reached three o’clock yet. The time is two something. And so that’s how we know the time is 2:45. Where can we see the time 2:45 on our digital clocks? Well, one clock that says 2:45 is this one, 02:45. Notice how this time has been written with four digits. It’s a 24-hour clock time, 2:45 in the morning or 2:45 am. But what about 2:45 in the afternoon? How do we write 2:45 pm as a 24-hour clock time?

Well, we know that after 12 in the afternoon, it becomes 13, 14, 15, and so on. So if we add 12 to the number of hours in the am time, we can find out the answer as a pm time. Two plus 12 equals 14. And so 2:45 in the afternoon written as a 24-hour clock time is 14:45. To show our answer, we’re told to tick the two digital clocks that show the same time as the analogue clock. So the two answers are 02:45, which is the same as 2:45 am or 2:45 in the morning, and 14:45, which is the same as 2:45 pm or 2:45 in the afternoon.

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