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Question Video: Comparing Two Large Numbers Involving Addition and Subtraction Mathematics

Is 8306925 + 7313592 <, = or > 8966469 − 2576873?


Video Transcript

Is 8306925 plus 7313592 less than, equal to, or greater than 8966469 take away 2576873?

We’re being asked to compare these two expressions using the symbol less than, equal to, or greater than. We’re just given the calculations. We don’t know the answer to the calculations. But we don’t actually have to work out the calculations to find the answer.

In the first expression, we’re being asked to add these two numbers. If we were to round these numbers to the nearest million, we could round 8306925 to eight million. And we could round 7313592. Then, we could calculate the estimate would be 15 million. If we round both numbers to the nearest million, the subtraction becomes nine million take away three million, which gives us an estimated answer of six million.

Our estimated answer to the first calculation is 15 million. Nine million is less than 15 million. And we have to take away three million. So, we can say that the first expression is larger or greater than the second. 8306925 plus 7313592 is greater than 8966469 subtract 2576873. The missing symbol is greater than.

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