Question Video: Identifying Which of Three Quantities Is the Greatest in Relation to the Other Two Mathematics • 1st Grade

Daniel is taller than André. Daniel is shorter than Rafael. Who is tallest?


Video Transcript

Daniel is taller than André. Daniel is shorter than Rafael. Who is the tallest?

In this problem, we’re asked to find out the tallest out of three characters, Daniel, André, and Rafael. One way we could do this is to use the pictures to help. In maths, we’re not always given a picture to help us. And we are given two clues here. So let’s concentrate on the words. Can we find the answer just by using the words as clues to help.

To help us put the children in height order, we could sketch a line going from shorter to taller. We’ll put each character on the line as we find out more about them. Let’s start by looking at our first fact. Daniel is taller than André. We can show this on our comparison line by writing D to the right of A. Another way of saying this is that André is shorter than Daniel. So far, Daniel is the tallest.

Let’s have a look at our second fact. Our second fact also compares Daniel to somebody. But this time, it’s slightly different. This time, it tells us that Daniel is shorter than the other character. Daniel is shorter than Rafael. Is there another way we could say this fact? Yes, we could start with Rafael. We could also say Rafael is taller than Daniel. Let’s show that Rafael is taller than Daniel by writing the letter R on our comparison line.

So now, we seem to have all three characters in order. Let’s reread our facts to see whether we have the order correct. Firstly, Daniel is taller than André. And secondly, Daniel is shorter than Rafael. So although we could’ve used the pictures to help us, in fact, we’ve actually used the clues. We’ve proved who is the tallest. The answer is Rafael.

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