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Question Video: Finding the Slope of a Line Passing through Two Points Mathematics • 8th Grade

What is the slope of a line passing through the points (3, 5) and (7, 9)?


Video Transcript

What is the slope of a line passing through points three, five and seven, nine?

When we’re working with linear equations and finding the slope, we usually use the letter 𝑚 to represent the slope and we say that the slope is the changes in 𝑦 over the changes in 𝑥. Numerically, we represent that as 𝑦 two minus 𝑦 one over 𝑥 two minus 𝑥 one.

Let’s label our point one and point two. Point one we call 𝑥 one, 𝑦 one and point two 𝑥 two, 𝑦 two. We’ll use this information and plug it in our formula: 𝑚 equals, our slope equals, in place of 𝑦 two minus 𝑦 one we’ll substitute nine minus five, and in place of 𝑥 two minus 𝑥 one we’ll substitute seven minus three.

Nine minus five equals four. Seven minus three equals four. Four over four equals one. The slope of the line that passes through these points is equal to one.

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