Video: KS2-M17 • Paper 1 • Question 33

0.9 × 200 = _.


Video Transcript

0.9 multiplied by 200 equals what?

To find 0.9 times 200, we could find 0.9 times 100 and then double it. We can use this place value chart and some counters to help. These nine counters in the tenths column represent nine tenths. Watch what happens when we multiply by 10. The counters moved one place to the left. When we multiplied by 100, the counters have moved two places to the left.

If we write the digit into the place value chart, we can see that, to multiply 0.9 by 100, we need to move the digit two places to the left. Nine tenths has become nine tens, which is worth 90. So 0.9 multiplied by 100 equals 90.

We’re multiplying 0.9 by 200. So we need to double 90. 90 doubled or 90 multiplied by two is 180. 0.9 multiplied by 200 is equal to 180. We found our answer by multiplying 0.9 times 100 and then doubling it.

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