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Question Video: Recalling the Device Used for Observing Stars Science

Which of the following is a device that can be used for observing stars? [A] A magnifying glass [B] A microscope [C] A telescope [D] A telegraph [E] A telephone


Video Transcript

Which of the following is a device that can be used for observing stars? (A) A magnifying glass, (B) a microscope, (C) a telescope, (D) a telegraph, (E) a telephone.

To answer this question, we need to remember that although stars are very large, they are very far away. This makes them appear very small to us here on Earth. So it’s difficult to observe stars by just looking at them with our eyes alone. In order to get a better look at a star, we need to use a certain device. So let’s go through the list of answer choices and see which one is correct.

Starting with answer option (A), we’re probably familiar with using a magnifying glass to look at something up close. We hold the magnifying glass in our hand and hold it above something small in order to make it appear larger to us. A magnifying glass is designed to help us look at things that are small and close to us. So it can’t be used to observe stars. Therefore, we should eliminate option (A).

Next, option (B) says a microscope. Microscopes are used to make very small things, such as plant cells, appear larger. So, like we saw before, this device is only used to observe things that are small and close to us. So we can’t use it to observe stars.

Next, option (C) says a telescope. Now, telescopes also make things appear larger to us. But we don’t use telescopes to see things that are nearby. Instead, telescopes are used to see things that are far away. They’re especially useful for studying space. Telescopes help us learn about faraway objects, such as other planets, stars, and even other galaxies. Since telescopes are used to observe stars, this is the correct answer. Just to be sure, let’s look at the remaining options.

Option (D) says a telegraph, which is a device used to communicate over long distances. The telegraph isn’t used to observe things. So this can’t be the correct answer.

Finally, we know that the telephone is also used for communication. Now, many modern telephones, such as smartphones, do have cameras built into them, which can be used to observe some things. But they’re not designed to look at things as far away as stars. The main purpose of the telephone is communication, so this isn’t the correct answer either.

Thus, we have seen that the only device listed here that can be used to observe stars is a telescope. So the correct answer is option (C).

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