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Question Video: Converting Square Centimetres to Square Metres Mathematics

160000 cm² = _ m².


Video Transcript

160000 square centimeters equals what square meters.

In this question, we need to convert a unit of area, square centimeters, into another unit of area, square meters. To start, let’s recall that for the length units, there are 100 centimeters in one meter. Let’s see if we can find a conversion for square centimeters into square meters. Let’s say we have a square that is one meter by one meter. To find the area of our square, we would multiply the length by the length. So, here, we would have the area as one times one, which is one meter squared.

Now, let’s say we’ve taken our measurement as 100 centimeters since we know that 100 centimeters is the same as one meter. The area in this case would be 100 times 100, which we could evaluate as 10000 square centimeters. And since the area in each case is the same, we can say that one square meter is equal to 10000 square centimeters.

So, returning to the question then, we are interested in 160000 square centimeters. So, let’s work out how many times larger 160000 is than 10000. And we can do this by calculating 160000 divided by 10000, which will give us 16. That means that 160000 square centimeters is equal to 16 square meters. So, our missing answer is 16.

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